Področja dela odvetniške pisarne


Our office provides legal services in the following fields:


We offer our clients:

  • composition of various applications, claims, suggestions and other documents;
  • preparation of contract documentation, contracts, agreements, concords and economic contracts;
  • formulation of legal acts of companies and management of internal procedures;
  • preparation of materials and documentation for assembly meetings;
  • preparation of internal general legal acts, regulations, decrees, programmes, assembly acts and other internal acts;
  • cooperation in the carrying out of projects, studies, programmes, analyses and due diligence;
  • preparation of legal opinions, analyses and reviews of documents and documentation;
  • representation in procedures in front of state authorities, local authorities and public authority carriers.


We offer our clients support and help in the acquisition, transfer, division and insurance of all kinds of property.



We prepare and submit claims for our clients and represent them in damage matters in front of insurance companies, state authorities and other institutions.



We advise our clients in conclusion of all kinds of contracts, offer the composition, review and analysis of contracts, cooperate in negotiations and represent our clients when exercising their rights from concluded contracts.



We offer our clients legal aid and representation in collection of receivables, evaluation of debtor solvency and insurance of claims.



In consumer protection matters we advise our clients regarding protection and exercise of their rights in acquisition or use of goods and services.



In real estate matters, we offer our clients counselling, legal aid and representation:

  • in the acquisition, transfer, sale, claiming, management, funding and evaluating the state of real estate;
  • in procedures of insurance of real estate;
  • in procedures of division and distribution of real estate;
  • in investments and real estate property investments;
  • in the carrying out of real estate projects;
  • in land and construction consent acquisition;
  • in construction and residential matters;
  • in acquisition of residential and business real estate for rent
  • in real estate disputes.


In the field of work relations, we offer our clients:

  • legal aid and representation in the management of relations between employer and employees, in employment and firing of employees, in solving work related disputes and conflicts;
  • counselling regarding work safety and work conditions;
  • conducting discipline procedures and representation of workers in such procedures;
  • legal aid in plant shutdowns;
  • legal aid and representation in exercising the rights from social security, health, pension and disability insurance.


We offer our clients legal aid and represent them in all matters connected with family relations, relations between parents and children and relations between partners in marriage or extramarital partners.



In the legal matters of succession, we offer our clients counselling, legal aid and representation in the writing of wills and contracts, exercising rights to succession, legal succession claims, agreements between heirs, division of property and conclusion of agreements between heirs outside court.



We offer our clients tax counselling, related to legal business and calculation of various kinds of tax.



We represent and defend our clients as well as provide counsel in penalty and criminal matters, matters related to interventions into personal rights, freedom of speech, press and inspection matters.



In administrative matters, we offer counselling and legal aid in various administrative procedures and representation in administrative procedures, in front of administrative authorities and administrative court.



In terms of public order matters, we offer our clients legal counselling, legal aid and representation in all phases of implementation of procedures of public ordering and when submitting review and other claims.



We offer domestic and foreign companies and entrepreneurs counselling, legal aid and representation:

  • with everyday business and managing of business activities, arranging of business relations, contracts and other forms of commercial agreements, transactions and commercial projects, establishing of required insurances, guarantees and indemnities for insurance, matters, claims and receivables, also in terms of international trade matters;
  • when establishing business cooperation, distribution systems for the flow of goods and services, joint investments, technology and know – how transfer and private – public partnerships;
  • with establishing, registering, status changes, reforms, restructuring, takeovers, mergers, liquidation and bankruptcy of companies, branches, entrepreneurs and material persons, with the change of ownership, purchases, sales and transfers of business shares or property, with purchases of property or companies of bankrupt debtors and selection of the form of business and structure of management;
  • in matters of registration, acquisition, transfer and protection of intellectual property rights, brands, models, patents and geographical marks of goods and copyrights;
  • in maters related to product responsibility, advertising, product marking, consumer financial services, unfair competition and illegal limitation of competition;
  • in matters of acquisition of permits and consent of national authorities, local community authorities and carriers of public authorisations;
  • in the entry of rights in public records and registries.